In today’s technology-driven world, reliable power distribution is not just a necessity; it’s the backbone of continuous operations in data centers, telecom infrastructures, and industrial environments. Cloud services need servers. Servers are divided into pedestal, rack, and blade servers. MEAN WELL, a leader in power supply systems, introduces a range of robust and efficient rack power solutions tailored for seamless integration and peak performance. MEAN WELL's rack power supply is a good choice for rack servers. The chassis is the same size, and installation is user-friendly. Discover the cutting-edge features of our RCP and DHP series plus the rack-mountable SHP-30K!

MEAN WELL Rack Power Solutions

  • RCP1-U Rack System:

    • 1U low-profile design fits into any standard 19" rack.

    • Starts with RCP-1000 front-end rectifier delivering 1000W of power.

    • Active current sharing allows scaling up to 3000W with a single rack-mounted shelf and 8000W with three stacks.

    • Versatile features include output programming, remote on-off, and auxiliary power options.

  • DHP-1U Rack Power and DHB-1U Rack Charger Systems:

    • DHP-1U and DHB-1U systems offer unmatched performance with a base unit of 3200W.

    • DRP-3200 and DBR-3200 modules redefine power distribution.

    • DHP-1U offers active current sharing function scaling to 12800W with a single stack and 25600W with two stacks.

  • DHP-1UT-B Rack Power System:

    • Integrates a robust 3200W power supply and a powerful battery charger in one 1U package.

    • NCP-3200-380 stands out with its 380V output.

    • Parallel connections allow connecting up to ten 19" rack mountable shelves for tailored power distribution.

  • SHP-30K Series: 30KW 3 Phase 3 Wire High Efficiency Digital Power Supply

    • Features a 3-phase 3-wire AC input and provides four standard models of DC output, including low voltage 55V and high voltage 115V/230V/380V outputs.

    • Applications in energy storage, hydrogen power, wind power, solar power, and EV charging systems.

    • Ideal for industrial IT, data centers, 5G, networking, electrolysis, semiconductor production, and UV laser cutting

    • Offers programmable output voltage and current control functions, CAN Bus communication protocol, and protection features.

    • Has a high-density 26W/in3 and efficiency up to 97%.

    • Complies with international safety certifications.

    • Comes in a standard 2U height 19-inch rack-mount chassis.

MEAN WELL's rack power supplies, cabinets, and controllers are listed in the table below. Users can select the best combination based on the maximum integrated output power.

NCP-3200 series is the new generation of rack-mounted power supplies. The series provides 3 output voltage models: low-voltage SELV-compliant DC 24VDC/48VDC and high-voltage DC 380VDC. The low-voltage models are designed for a wide range of applications, including light and heavy industrial machinery and equipment, automation systems, mobile equipment, communication base stations, charging stations, and data server centers. The high-voltage model is suitable for high-voltage centralized power supply, horticultural lighting systems, semiconductor equipment, and energy storage equipment. The NCP-3200 series features programmable output voltage and current (PV), and supports PMBus and CANbus communication protocols for industrial control and power supply control. It can be easily combined with 19" Rack chassis in parallel to provide up to 128kW intelligent chassis, or stacked in parallel to form a system power supply with larger wattage. Here is a comparison of NCP-3200 with DRP-3200.

Comprehensive Guide to MEAN WELL Rack Power Solutions: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in IT and Industrial Applications

Application Show Case

  1. The centralized power supply for the monitoring system is essential for its operation. Two power supplies, RCP-1000-12 and RCP-1U, have been carefully chosen to provide reliable and efficient power distribution to the entire monitoring system.

  1. This is a centralized power system. CMU2C-R-C## works with DRP-3200-48CAN to provide power management solution and 128KW DC power to RF amplifier.  

  1. This is an access control central control system. RCB-1600-12 and RHP-1U are selected to perform an uninterruptible power system with batteries. When there is AC power, the RCB-1600-12 charges the battery and supplies power to the access control system, but when the AC power is off, the battery will take in charge of supplying power to the system.

In addition to the mentioned examples, rack-type power supplies find extensive use in high-power centralized power supply applications across various industries. These include signal amplifiers, large-scale charging stations, logistics equipment, industrial heating machinery, and sewage treatment equipment, among others. If you have specific requirements or queries related to rack type power supply integration, MEAN WELL's seasoned technical team is here to assist you. We're dedicated to delivering tailored power products and control solutions that align with your unique specifications.

Meanwell’s latest innovations in rack-mounted power supply systems cater to businesses that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and scalability. Embrace the unparalleled flexibility and performance of our RCP and DHP series. With Meanwell, power distribution becomes a worry of the past - it’s time to focus on what you do best.

Ready to take the next step? Contact our experts today to find the perfect Meanwell solution that aligns with your power distribution needs. Uncompromised power is just a rack away. Reliable power distribution is essential for data centers, telecom infrastructures, and industrial environments.