MEAN WELL, a trailblazer in high-quality, energy-saving adaptor solutions, has once again raised the bar. Building upon the market's positive reception of the GE/ GEM/ GS/ GSM/ SGA/ SGAS series, MEAN WELL has achieved significant sales milestones. These wall-mounted adaptors are widely recognized for their longevity and have been extensively used across fields such as information technology, security, and medical applications. With millions of units sold, MEAN WELL has solidified its reputation for excellence.

The company's dedication to innovation is further showcased with the introduction of the latest NGE series, which includes the initial 12W/18W NGE12/18 models and now extends to the higher wattage models of the NGE30/45/65/90 series, covering ranges from 30W up to 90W. This comprehensive array of power options — 12W, 18W, 30W, 45W, 65W, and 90W — makes the NGE series the most versatile lineup of wall-mounted adaptors on the market, capable of meeting the diverse needs of various electronic devices and instruments.

The higher wattage NGE models continue to differentiate themselves with an adherence to a variety of international safety standards, such as 62368-1, 60601-1, 61558-1, and 60335-1, alongside additional certifications including CCC, BSMI, and PSE. Their slim design, particularly for the new models at just 30mm, is mindful of space constraints by preventing the occupation of adjacent power outlets. The adaptors can operate in a substantial temperature range of -30 to +70°C, offering dependable performance in various global installations. The entire series is developed with medical-grade compliance (2xMOPP) and is suitable for BF medical applications, among other requirements.

The NGE series represents the pinnacle of wall-mounted adaptors – they are portable, globally certified, and environmentally friendly. Designed with consumer electronics, travel devices, and international compatibility in mind, these adaptors are equipped with interchangeable AC plugs.

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Old Generation VS New NGE Series

Features of the NGE Series:

  • Exclusive Design: Showcases a patented exterior design with Patent Number: 202330347779.4.

  • Flexible AC Plug Options: Equipped with interchangeable AC plugs for the EU, US, UK, AU, and CN.

  • Worldwide Certification: Meets a broad range of international certifications for ITE, Medical, Industrial, and Household applications.

  • Optimized Power Efficiency: Features an input range of 80~264 VAC and a no-load standby power consumption of less than 0.075W.

  • Top-Tier Energy Standards: Meets Level VI international energy efficiency standards, including EISA 2007/DoE, NRCan, MEPS, ErP, and CoC Version 5.

  • Medical-Grade Safety: Offers an extremely low leakage current of less than 100 µA and is compliant with 2xMOPP, suitable for use with BF medical devices.

  • Durable Performance: Capable of operating across a wide temperature range of -30~+70℃.

  • Comprehensive Protection: Includes safeguards against Short Circuit, Overload, and Overvoltage incidents.

  • LPS Compliance: The NGE12 to NGE65 models comply with Limited Power Source (LPS) requirements.

  • Safety Assured Housing: Made from 94V-0 high flame-retardant plastic to ensure both safety and reliability.

  • Customizable Output Connections: Offers an array of DC plug choices, with accessories available separately.

  • Commitment to Quality: Backed by a 3-year warranty, reflecting MEAN WELL's dedication to product excellence and customer satisfaction.