2022 Product Shortage Announcement

Thanks for your continuous support in 2021. During the epidemic period, MEAN WELL has managed to “have good intentions, caring about our partners, providing the power of stability and assisting industry recovery”, and to continue providing on-time delivery to the customer. However, with the recent rebound in the pandemic, we have been continuously advised about material cost increase and component shortage situation which is likely to be carried over to the next year. Here is our outlook for MEAN WELL range in the first half of 2022:

We have good stock of the vast majority of MEAN WELL models

  • Some of the popular product lines may experience stock shortage
  • The average lead time on all products are longer than usual (up to 120+ days)
  • Customized models and units will take even longer to manufacture
  • Price increase due to material and freight cost increase

We encourage our customer to: 

  • Talk to us immediately if you have important projects coming up
  • Plan your purchase orders - send scheduled order if possible
  • Consider air freight for urgent orders
  • Keep some safety stock at your end
Wellforces is actively working on our clients’ requirements and soothing the upcoming stock queries and issues in a proactive manner.
14th Dec 2021 Wellforces

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