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Infrastructure Power Solutions

Infrastructure Power Solutions

Utility & Renewable Energy

From power generation to transmission and ultimately to the end-user, Wellforces offers high-efficiency infrastructure power solutions ideal for utility and renewable energy. From the sun to the socket, our TN-1500/3000 true sine wave DC-AC inverter equipped with a solar charger provides 2 times high surge power for motor-related applications. The EV (electric vehicle) charging station infrastructure supplies electric power for the recharging of emission-free mobility, such as plug-in electric vehicles and hybrids vehicles. Wellforces offers AC-DC configurable power supply, NMP/UMP series

and also the rack-mount power unit, DRP-3200, which are suitable for many types of ITE equipment.

Railway & Road Network

In modern society, transport becomes an essential link for people to deliver goods or passengers by air, water, road and rail. Railway systems are the transport backbone of a majority of cities and countries. Wellforces has a comprehensive range of products available and specially designed for rail applications. Typical applications include door control systems, signalling and communication systems, charging devices, railway instrument panel and security systems. Our railway and road network quality power conversion products include DC-DC power converters (e.g. DIN Rail type, enclosed type) AC-DC power supplies, battery chargers and DC-AC sine wave inverters.

Security and Back-up power System

Regardless of it being a residential or commercial property, safety and a thorough security system is always the top concern for owners. Our KNX product line includes components covering the complete applications found in a modern building. Especially the KNX-20E, which is the best choice for monitor and control, security systems and surveillance systems. Pair it with the HDR series - the ultra-slim step shape type DIN mount power supply, to achieve a smart building system. Additionally, it is also important to keep your family and business data and devices running during the event of a power outage or interruptions, by using back-up power solutions to maintain productivity and safety. Our product range such as the DR-UPS series, inverter, chargers can all used for backup power solution purposes.


In the past, the ICT (information and communication technology) system has distinguished into two segments and with different power requirements. With the progress of technology, these two segments have gradually integrated into similar or identical specifications. As we no longer rely on pigeon as the mailman, telecom power systems play the role of securing telecommunication services in case of grid power interruptions and fluctuations. The PCB series from Our DC/DC converter product lines with the feature of cooling by free air convection is suitable for the telecom power applications. The rack-mountable front-end AC/DC/DC-DC power supply - DRP-3200 can also do the job.