LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

Commercial lighting

The demand for commercial lighting solutions is everywhere. Fashion stores, food market, convenience store & large retailers, hospitality, industry, office fuel station, you name it. As Wellforces reckon, the key features of commercial lighting solutions are three IMPROVE and one Reduce - Improve operations, improve customer engagement, improve the experience, and reduce cost. With the use of the LED Lighting system, all the features are not so hard to achieve.

1. LED Downlight & Bulbs

Do you know your energy bills may decrease up to 90% with using low-energy LED lighting? Traditional commercial downlights use CDM ceramic composite metal lamp or HID gas bulb. However, LED luminous efficiency has been optimized to over 150 lm/W. The power consumption and radiant heat LED of downlights are lower, which indirectly reduces the indoor temperature while reaching the purpose of energy saving. The main suitable products include LCM/IDLC/ODLC/PLM/LPF/NPF series with 0-10V or DALI dimmer. As for LED bulbs, the new LED MR16/AR111 can be directly used with APV low wattage series to ensure safety.

2. LED Signage and Exhibit lighting

Another common application of commercial lighting is the signage and exhibit LED Lighting. In recent years, The brightness of LEDs is bright enough to replace traditional T8 tubes. Thus the advertising lightbox is gradually installed with LED waterproof light strips and LED neon light. Normally, the LED strip is DC 12V or 24V input with 9.6W or 14.4W brightness options.

3. Track and rail lighting

Tracking light is generally used as the spotlight on commercial occasions especially boutique stores and fast fashion shops. The track with AC voltage is mounted to the ceiling while the power box will be integrated and mounted to the track. Thus, the requirement for power supply is compact. At the moment, Wellforces is able to provide one model of mini size LED driver with a maximum 50W output. We also sourced the latest technology of magnetic track/ rail light.

4. Office Lighting

Nowadays, LED lighting luminaires have been widely used for office lighting. Traditionally, we often see fixtures that incorporate 2*2 feet or 2*4 feet side-edge and direct-lit panel or reflection-lit panel. The corresponding LED drivers for such application includes: Linear built-in type LDC-35/55/80 series, or independent type LCM/IDLC/LPF or NPF series. Besides, IDLC/ODLC and LCM series can provide auxiliary power for the application on IoT smart timer dimming.

As for modern open space office rooms, we highly recommend the BUCK free standing luminaire. This unique type of lighting provides significant visual comfort when working, as well as other indoor activities. It also saves energy with low maintenance cost. This LED floor light is equipped with a multisensor, which has the characteristic of presence sensor and daylight detection.


Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting design is a trendy and blossomed concept which mixes architecture, interior design and electrical engineering to build a lighting system to serve people and market needs.

There are three fundamental perspectives on architectural lighting design - the aesthetic appeal of the space, the natural functions of light and energy efficiency. Wellforces and its own brand Archilight New Zealand advance your present endeavour with a unique lighting experience. The most common architectural lighting we offer includes the linear light system for both interior and outdoor use, free-standing lights, track lights, recessed downlights, pendant lights, furniture lights, wall lights and floor lights. We aim to create a platform of architectural lighting for architects, engineers and interior designers as well as business and homeowners. We have a team of engineers with exceedingly strong electrical expertise.


Linear Lighting 

At present, the usage of LED strips has been quite common and popular. Many indoor indirect lighting or outdoor decorative lighting used LED DC 12V or 24V light strips and paired with 9.6W or 14.4W to fit various brightness requests. As for residential lighting design, the kitchen maker would install the LED strip underneath the cabinet, the islander or even make it recessed with LED aluminium extrusion. Another trendy design is the frameless mirror in the bathroom. The back-mounted standoff mirrors can be enhanced with a pre-installed LED light. Generally, the LED strip will be running around a rectangular or circular mount, depending on the shape of the mirror to ensure an even border of light. Alongside the residential, the LED strip is also widely used on retail and boutique store decoration, especially for cosmetics kiosks and counters.

Wellforces provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting and drivers. Currently, we offer the maximum 150W for indoor application and 600W for the outdoor waterproof application, such as HLG, LPV, APV, XLG series. All products comply with safety regulations, SDoC and full voltage input, which is suitable for any engineering project. Some products such as PWM/ODLV series can be directly used with 0-10V dimmers; no additional controller is required.


Design and Specification Services

Different from other types of design, lighting design sometimes can be tricky but still plays an essential part in the whole work. Good lighting design is more than a bonus on your building. The core aspect of a well-built lighting system is to put the accurate amount of the proper variety of light into a suitable place. Our goal is to transform your lighting desire into a whole new level. Over the years and after experiencing hundreds of projects, Wellforces and our local teams and warehouse in Auckland are continuing to work to deliver a holistic approach for your project. We also offer a free lighting consultation and design to better understand your needs and wants.