LED Drivers

Do you know that using LEDs to replace a traditional light bulb traffic sign can save up to 80% of energy? Traditional street lights mainly use high-pressure sodium lamp and mercury bulbs. In response to the trend of LED lighting in extreme circumstances with high dust and moisture, Wellforces offers complete LED Driver solutions for LED street lights, LED Sign Boards, LED floodlights, as well as theatre and stage lighting. The product family includes a high cost-performance ratio ELG(C) series, high-efficiency HLG(C) series, with PFC: PLN and CLG series, without PFC: ELN Series and LP Series, and the new XLG series. These LED drivers also come with dimming capabilities such as DALI, 0-10V, PWM and Resistance dimming that can be integrated into a smart city lighting control system.As for High bay lighting, (commonly used in warehouses, mechanical workshops and stadiums) where there are concerns regarding power consumption and sustainability, we recommend the high efficiency ELG/HLG/HVG series. The HBG series is round in physical shape, and specifically developed to be used in the design of high bay light fixtures.

Intelligent Control Systems

Nowadays, intelligent lighting systems provide homeowners the complete freedom and flexibility to take control over how their home lighting looks and functions. "A lighting control system is an intelligent network-based lighting control solution that interconnects between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices", said by Google. So let's make it simple. This smart lighting system offers you the convenience to switch from using too many switches to manage the lights manually, to just one central control pad. Firstly, you will need a 'master' to call the tune. The master can be a smartphone, WIFI remote, wall panel, DALI control panel or DMX control panel. While the master tells the system what to do, the controller or decoder reads the signal, does the command and passes the message to the repeater. The repeater just copies whatever the controller does, and then sends the signal to the LED lights. Wellforces is proudly distributing Ltech, TCI and Mean Well LED drivers and lighting controllers.

Light Control Solutions

From simple dimmers like triac rotary dimmers, wall mount touch panel dimmers and push momentary dimmers to comprehensive lighting control systems such as DALI, DMX, 0-10V, RF wireless and WIFI controllers, Wellforces offers the right control solution for all your lighting needs. It allows you to enhance comfort, support tasks, ensure the safe navigation of spaces, and save energy. Combining DMX controllers with colour-changing and single colour LED luminaires allow you to transform environments with dynamic, full-color light scenes. DALI lighting control is specified in more and more commercial projects in New Zealand. It offers centralized, remote light point management, supporting connected lighting systems to provide the best illumination experience, maximize energy efficiency and resiliency, and offer extraordinary value beyond illumination.

LED Signage Power Solutions

The trend of LED Display for both commercial and infrastructure is becoming popular. Indoor LED signs and LED displays naturally help you stand out from surrounding and increase foot traffic. Selecting the right LED module for the lightbox or signage to achieve the legible and eye-catching signage illumination. Recommend products: LPV series,ELG series, HLG series, Ltech controllers. hytronik sensors.

Indoor full color LED display is widely applied to highlight the product features. LRS/RSP/UHP/HSN/HDP/LHP series are available for choice.

Another common application of LED Signage power is the signage and exhibit LED board. The environment of outdoor LED display is harsher, which requires moist proof function. We recommend LRS/RSP/UHP/HSN series.