Medical Power Solutions

Failure or interruption of power to critical devices is not an option in the Medical and Healthcare sectors. That’s why Wellforces is here to provide medical grade power supplies and comprehensive medical power solutions. Medical power supplies are commonly used in various applications such as Diagnostic and Treatment, Analysis and Laboratory, Home Healthcare and Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices.

MEAN WELL certified medical power supplies MSP/RPS-C series can provide a variety of DC output voltage options for medical imaging systems. Portable medical instruments/devices, such as vapor drug intake, blood oxygen measurement, nebulizer, physiotherapy and anti-decubitus, etc. can be powered by our external medical power adaptors like the GEM/GSM series, while the PCB mount types MPM/MFM series would be a perfect choice if the power is required to be built into the medical devices.

All other medical power supply types such as the modular NMP series, PCB type MFM/MPM series, and the RPS series can provide a variety of DC output voltage options for electronic medical equipment. All of our medical power supplies have increased safety features and performance compared to normal, non-medical power supplies.