Efficient Connections for All Your Electrical Needs

PurplePlug Connectors: Fast, Efficient, and Reliable

Simplify your wiring projects with PurplePlug connectors. Whether in a junction box or distribution box, our innovative solutions ensure perfect installations every time, saving you both time and money.

✓ Easy Installation and Durable Connections

PurplePlug connectors have a lever design for easy and quick installation, saving time and effort. They replace traditional tape and twist-type connectors, making wiring faster and cleaner.

✓ Premium Materials and Safety

Made with flame-retardant PA66, these connectors offer excellent electrical insulation and are fire-rated at UL94V-2. They are resistant to corrosion, aging, and high pressure, ensuring long-term safety and reliability.

✓ Versatile Compatibility

PurplePlug connectors can handle high loads, making them suitable for many applications like home wiring, lighting fixtures, and electrical equipment.

222 Compact Splicing Connector, 2 In 4 Out & 6 Out with Lever

‣ These connectors have a strong PA66 housing and brass components for reliable connections.

‣ Available in 2-in, 4-out and 2-in, 6-out options.

‣ These connectors feature a lever for easy wiring.

‣ Perfect for home and commercial use.

222 Compact Splicing Connector, 2 Port & 3 Port 2 Way with Lever

‣ This series includes 2-in, 2-out and 3-in, 3-out options.

‣ All with a robust PA66 housing and brass contacts.

‣ The lever mechanism ensures quick and secure connections, making it ideal for home and commercial installations.

222 Compact Splicing Connector, Waterproof with Lever

‣ Includes 2 Port 3 Way and 3 Port 3 Way waterproof connectors.

‣ Featuring easy-to-use levers and strong PA66 housing, these connectors are designed for long-term use.

‣ The 3 Port 3 Way connector also has silicone O-rings for extra moisture protection.

Wire Connector Nut

‣ These nuts are for secure connections across various wire sizes.

‣ The waterproof version supports 20 to 8 AWG copper wires with PP housing and silicone sealant.

‣ The P13 Terminal connector supports 18 to 8 AWG wires and is rated for 300V.

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