Natural Elegance: A Symphony of Light and Stone

Alabaster Stone Lighting

Embrace the Archilight Alabaster Stone Collection, where the mesmerizing translucency of Spanish alabaster casts a warm, atmospheric glow. Every luminaire is a unique masterpiece, sculpting light and shadow to enrich your space with elegance and calm.

Circular Elegance in Alabaster and Brass

Halo Series

Discover the perfect blend of brass's warm sheen and Spanish alabaster's soft glow with The Halo Pendants. Choose from the compact 340mm for a cozy space or the striking 790mm for grand settings. Designed to captivate and elevate, these pendants are not just lights; they're sculptural centerpieces that command attention and create ambiance.

Halo Pendant 340mm Diameter
Halo Pendant 790mm Diameter
Halo Wall Light

Cylindrical Alabaster and Sleek Accents

Spindle Series

Experience the seamless union of alabaster's charm with contemporary accents in the Spindle Series. Our collection, featuring both pendant and wall lights, offers a sleek touch to any setting. Softly diffused light emanates from cylindrical forms, bringing a luxurious yet subtle statement to your space. For a sophisticated and enduring design, make Spindle your centerpiece.

Horizontal Spindle Pendant
Vertical Spindle Pendant
Spindle Wall Light 520mm
Spindle Wall Light 690mm

Orbi Disc Series

Marble and Metallic Disc Harmony

Discover the fusion of polished marble and sleek metal in the Orbi Disc Series, where elegance meets innovation. These lights, available as pendants and wall fixtures, emit a captivating glow that plays off the marble and metal, crafting a radiant halo effect. Ideal for making a sophisticated statement, the Orbi Disc Series exemplifies the allure of balanced design.

Orbi Disc Pendant with Stone Plate
Orbi Disc Wall Light with Stone Plate
Orbi Disc Pendant with Metal Plate
Orbi Disc Wall Light with Metal Plate

The Purity of Light: Marble Sphere Illuminations

Orbi Sphere Series

Embrace understated luxury with the Orbi Sphere Series, a testament to minimalist elegance. Solid marble spheres in our pendant and wall fixtures embody refined taste, casting a delicate luminescence that transforms spaces into havens of serene sophistication. For the minimalist design enthusiast, Orbi Sphere lights offer a tranquil, captivating ambiance.

Orbi Sphere Pendant
Orbi Semi Sphere Pendant
Orbi Sphere Table Lamp
Orbi Sphere Wall Light
Orbi Oval Table Lamp

Shade Pendant and Disk Wall Light

Illuminate your space with our elegant lighting, where each fixture blends seamless design with enduring beauty.

Shade Pendant
Disk Wall Light

Crafted to Perfection
Illuminating Your World

Each Archilight piece is a testament to elegance, crafted
from the finest Spanish alabaster known for its warm, translucent glow.

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