Archilight Premium lighting that elevates experiences, at home and beyond

Piano, Music Stand, Screen and Workstation Lights

In the quiet of the night, the right light provides endless warmth and comfort. Our lighting collection, tailored for all your needs, ensures the most fitting glow whether you're at the piano, at your desk, or lost in a musical composition.

Piano Light

Spotlight on Your Scores, Protection for Your Eyes

A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, this light showers your piano keys in a soft, clear glow, enriching every recital and practice session alike.

Music Stand Light

A Symphony of Light for Every Note

Crafted for clarity during practice or performance, this light ensures that every note is visible to musicians, regardless of their instrument.

Screen Light

Comfort for The Digital Age

Designed for digital natives, this light reduces glare on screens, easing eye strain for professionals, gamers, and binge-watchers.

Workstation Light

Concentration and Comfort for Long Study Hours

Designed for extended periods of study and work, our Desk Light eases eye strain and provides an ideal study or reading atmosphere


Illuminate Every Task with Innovation, Elegance, and Smart Control

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